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Newyddion Taf
Mon 20th Jul

Coronavirus Service Updates

Information: Coronovirus

The health, safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff are always our top priorities. Please be assured that Taff are following the advice of the Public Health authorities, and robust contingency plans are in place in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

As a preventative measure we are asking staff to ask questions prior to appointments to help identify where it is not safe for them to visit you. If you refuse to answer the questions we may not be able to complete your visit.

Staff will continue to take universal infection control precautions to manage the risks in the homes, this may include wearing appropriate protective clothing. All staff have been informed of the steps to take to help prevent the spread of infection and posters will be placed in communal areas.

We have not taken this decision lightly and appreciate that this may cause some discomfort  but feel that this is a necessary step to help keep us all safe.

Our staff will do all they can to ensure that our services remain as undisrupted as possible.  We will still make sure that essential visits are made.

If you are feeling unwell, particularly if you have a cough, a fever, or high temperature, or have shortness of breath or have recently been abroad or been in close contact with someone who has, please notify our staff prior to appointment.

We would really appreciate your support with these measures. In the unfortunate situation that we do have a case in one of our homes we will provide a secondary update.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact 0800 121 6064

Holl Newyddion