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Newyddion Taf
Wed 10th Jun

We support the Black Lives Matter campaign Lives Matter

Black background. White writing placed in the centre reads Black Lives Matter

We have all seen the images of George Floyd’s death in America, exposing again just how deeply rooted racism is in the United States. It would, however, be all too easy to dismiss this as an American issue when systematic racism, inequality and discrimination happens right on our doorstep too. This should not be happening in 2020 and it should never happen.

At Taff we are firmly committed to treating all people with kindness, fairly and to actively help tackle inequality. We want our tenants and service users to feel safe and secure in their homes and to feel in no doubt that we will work with them equally, whatever their background. We want staff of all backgrounds to feel confident and to have the same opportunities as one another.

As an organisation, we want to do more to address systemic racism. We are not diverse enough, and we want this to change.

We do not have all of the answers but by working together with tenants, service users, colleagues and others in the sector we are committed to continued learning and improvement.

Taff Executive Team

Holl Newyddion