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Newyddion Taf
Tue 25th Feb

Cardiff Young Persons Partnership Launches

Sally Anthony from the Salvation Army oversees the partnership and gave an overview of it’s achievements

(photo credit : Salvation Army) 


The Cardiff Young Persons Contract has been officially launched by David Melding AM. The service will be delivered by a partnership which consists of The Salvation Army, Taff and Church Army.

Commissioned in March 2019, the service has so far supported 182 young people into independent living without returning to street homelessness. 

The partnership takes an innovative approach by delivering an inclusive and creative pathway out of homelessness for young people in a way that is psychologically informed.

Commenting on the launch Taff's Chief Executive Helen White said:

“At Taff we work with people who have been made vulnerable by circumstance but who have the potential to thrive. We’re excited to be entering into this partnership to provide services that will help young people become more independent and move on from the homelessness system. By taking a relationship approach to support we hope we can break the homelessness cycle now and for future generations”

For the official press release please visit the Salvation Army's News Centre  

Holl Newyddion