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Fire Safety in your Home

Fire Safety in your Home

Taff takes the safety of our Customers extremely seriously. It is very important that if you live in a property owned by us you clearly understand what to do should a fire break out in your home or in the block where you live. This page gives you a step by step guide on fire safety in your home.

IMPORTANT - you should be able to safely and efficiently evacuate your home if a fire breaks out. If you have mobility issues, hearing or sight impairment or have drug or alcohol dependency and think you may struggle to get out in the event of a fire, you must contact your Housing Officer immediately on 0800 121 6064. Taff will be able to put measures in place to help protect you or your family.

Different types of accommodation have specific fire evacuation plans. Click on the accommodation type you live in to find out what it is. If you are unsure about any of the advice or what type of accommodation you live in, please complete the fire safety enquiry form below or contact the office. An officer will respond to you as quickly as possible.


[ICON] House (a individual property with the exclusive use by the occupant, with no internal communal areas. It will have a front and back door with rear garden area, usually in a terrace) (fire advice A)

[ICON] Purpose built flat (a flat within a block of flats originally built for that purpose. These will usually be quite new and there will be an internal communal area which your flat door will open on to) (Fire Advice B)

[ICON] Converted flat (a flat within a property that has been converted into flats from a single house. An example of this would be a terraced house split into two or 3 separate flats. There will usually be a small communal area for access. (Fire Advice C)

[ICON] Duplex or private entrance flat (Flats that have their own private access leading onto the pavement or private garden area. There is no internal communal area)  (Fire Advice A)

[ICON] Sheltered Housing – (a block of flats specified for older people, with a Telecare Alarm service) (Fire Advice B)

[ICON] Hostel – (with individual rooms occupied separately, but with some shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. There will also be some support services in place) (Fire Advice C)


If Fire Breaks Out In Your Home:

  • Leave the room where the fire is straight away, and then close the door.
  • Tell everyone in your home and get them to leave. Close the front door of your flat behind you.
  • Do not stay behind to put the fire out.
  • Raise the alarm by using a ‘break glass’ call point.
  • Wait outside, away from the building.
  • Call the fire service.