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Methu dod o hyd i'r hyn roeddech yn chwilio amdano? Defnyddiwch y chwilair allweddol isod

Newyddion Cymunedol
Wed 25th Mar

Wellbeing Advice


The UK Goverment are advising everyone to


... We know this will be incredibly difficult for some people and want to share some information on the support that is available to you.


If you are staying at home it is important to look after your wellbeing. These are some suggestions to keep you occupied whilst being in your home:
Keep your brain active – complete a puzzle, read a book or play a game… these are all great ways to keep active. 
Stay hydrated - water is so important for our health. So try to drink a good amount of water each day. 
Get fresh air – you may be staying home but get outside for some fresh air, standing on your doorstep or get out in the garden to make you feel better. Open a window & ventilate your home. 
Sleep - Try to keep your bedroom a tech-free zone so you're not tempted to look at news when you should be going to sleep. When our bodies rest, they work hard to repair themselves so you can feel 110% the next day. 
Be careful with the information you are receiving – try to gain your information from trusted sources like Gov.UK, NHS, or BBC. If the news on social media, online or TV gets too much, take a break and turn it off.
Stay active – if possible, walk around your home or take part in some home exercises to keep you moving. The NHS has some low impact exercise advice that can be adapted to being at home. You can also use online exercise videos, cleaning or walking around your home to keep you moving about and staying as active as possible.
Plan a routine – try to follow your ordinary routine as much as you can and organise what you will do with your time, having a plan or setting some daily goals will help with this.
Speak to others  – you may have limited contact with other people but use video call, phone calls or any way of messaging people to keep interacting and talking to people that you are unable to meet in person.


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