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Methu dod o hyd i'r hyn roeddech yn chwilio amdano? Defnyddiwch y chwilair allweddol isod

Newyddion Cymunedol
Wed 25th Mar

Advice for Older People


The UK Government is advising anyone over the age of 70, with or without a medical condition, to stay at home (self-isolate) for at least 12 weeks. We know this will be incredibly difficult for some people and want to share some information on the support that is available to you.
If you are staying at home, you may have some concerns about things like getting food, supplies, medication, appointments, and many more. Try taking these steps below to help you during this time:
Ask family, friends and neighbours to collect any food or supplies that you may need for staying at home. If possible, when they deliver, have them leave the supplies somewhere that you can get to without being in contact, such as your doorstep. If this isn't possible, call 02920871071 or email advicehub@cardiff.gov.uk
If you don’t have anyone to help collect essential things for you, try to use online services such as online shopping to get what you need to be delivered to your door.
If you have care in place, speak to your carers for any additional help that you may need. They will have things in place to make sure you are protected as much as possible.
If you need to attend medical appointments, speak to your GP or clinician as they will have steps in place to make sure you are protected and get the help you need.
You should contact family and friends that are likely to want to visit you and let them know that you are self-isolating. This is for them to know not to visit unless they need to provide care, in this case, they should take extra precautions to protect you.
Be cautious - don't allow any volunteers or help into your home or run errands for you unless you have contacted them directly. If you are expecting a stranger to help you whilst you self-isolate always try to let a family member or friend know. If they are with a particular organisation, ask to see their ID. This will help to keep you safe. 
I want a chat, who else can I call? :
Age UK has lots of great advice for older people who are staying at home due to coronavirus. You can visit their website or call their free, confidential helpline: 0800 169 6565 8am to 7pm, 365 days a year.
The Silver Line: also offer a  free and confidential chat line . Give them a call on  0800 4 70 80 90 
For information and advice from Welsh Government
For updates from Public Health Wales

It’s important you look after your well being too!  Taff’s advice for wellbeing 

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